The Nissen Transformation Experience!
The Nissen Transformation Experience!

The Nissen Transformation Experience!

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 Together we will, as a team, not only create a total body transformation experience but you both will learn simple techniques to ensure your nutrition is not only adequate to reduce inflammation, but it will also be simple without sacrificing quality nutrition while keeping energy levels up and protein intake efficient so that you achieve the toned & strong physique you both desire.

 Workouts will include a 5-minute warm up & stretch followed by a 36 min strength training session guaranteed to get Patti the legs she wants, Bill the lower body strength he needs, and both of you a strong core modified around shoulder and neck issues while not sacrificing upper body strength. 



Being that accountability is needed most, your transformation experience will include:

+weekly accountability check-ins via zoom or text. whichever you prefer

+Bimonthly pictures and measurements with push-up, core, & squat tests

+ Access to me via text 15 hrs a day (8am-11pm)

+Access to group coaching via Facebook (totally optional) for participation in accountability challenges for prizes & additional accountability

+ Pop up texts from me to check for stretching & walking done on off days.


 Over $100 in FREE bonuses included just for the ULTIMATE NISSEN TRANSFORMATION

**BONUS 1:  I will make myself available to you 1x a week to guide you through stretches if you'd like

**BONUS 2:  Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe Pack 

**BONUS 3:  Done for you Anti-Inflammatory 4 Week Meal Plan with Meal Prep Tips

60-day commitment

3 days a week with optional stretching session 


FIT PACKET Available upon committing for download to track strength and body composition.

*No refunds

*make-ups not guaranteed 

*2-week grace period given BUT FOR YOU I will give 4. 

I normally charge $60/session for 1 person with an additional $30 for 2 people making it $90 per session. Which would be $2160 for 2 people, 3x a week for 60 days. 

For the Nissen Team I will give you an extra stretching session each week & not charge for an additional person making your sessions average only $46.87 with stretches along with the extra $100 in bonuses.